What Technology in Public Relations & Advertising Means To Me

Technology in advertising has provided anyone with an idea, the proper platform to express and promote their idea. Prior to the internet and advances in technology, billboard ads and print were the largest and most effective method of spreading a message, however now people are connected to everyone else in the world by the click of a finger. It is a globalized world where everyone is connected whether they like it or not. In the advertising and public relations world, one must try to communicate a message with as many people as possible. Excluding a certain demographic or target market could negatively impact a company in unimaginable ways. Prior to today’s modern technology, people could only spread messages via word of mouth and even that had limited capabilities.

To me, technology (specifically the internet) is the great equalizer.  Everyone has access to the internet, and everyone has the possibility of interacting with anyone and everyone.  Technology has also changed and altered the way in which humans receive information.  We are exposed to tens of thousands of ads a day, whether its a billboard, a pop-up ad, or a shirt someone is wearing.  Consequently technology has encompassed all of that into one platform. You could be wearing and promoting a Nike shirt, while sharing Nike gear online as well. Little does everyone know, but everyone is an advertiser.

However, as much as we embrace technology, I feel as though we should be a bit abrasive to these changes.  Technology has limited human interactions, and provided companies / corporations an intrusive window into everyone’s life.  As great as technology is, it has its negative aspects as well.  Technology has given advertisers some of the largest and most personal libraries of data without permission or restriction.  I feel as though people have negative reactions to advertising when it feels intrusive and unethical. This feels condescending and patronizing to the people we are supposed to be selling a product or idea to.  People want to buy things to satisfy their needs and feel good rather than feel tricked. Feeling tricked by an advertisement is one of the most embarrassing feelings to me. I want to create authentic ad campaigns that resonate with people in a powerful way.  I want to be able to create ads and campaigns that speak to generations. I don’t want to simply pander to target markets, I want to speak to them in a way that is more than just selling a product.

Advertising and public relations posses the ability to change the way people perceive, understand, and experience the world around them. With that being said, advertising carries some serious clout and power in the world. This is a very powerful tool that in my opinion should be used for cultural shifts rather than just selling a product. People do not realize how strongly advertising and public relations affects our day to day lives in the most miniscule ways. In conclusion, I want to create advertisements and campaigns that positively benefit society.


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