Waldo : Search (Official Music Video)

         If you have never heard of Waldo and no, not the one with the red hat, then this is that Waldo you’ve been looking for, and the search is over. Waldo is a prominent rapper from Grand Rapids with a fast track to the big leagues. In addition to being in the local music collective AGO, he is also on Soulection’s roster. Both collectives are power musical power houses in their own sense. In the Grand Rapids area, AGO is the premier group. If you haven’t got a track with anyone from AGO in Grand Rapids then you aren’t on the scene. Soulection is a record label and radio show filled to the brim with underground talent from across the globe. They’ve recent received their own show on Beats1 with Apple Music and travel the globe sharing “The Sound of Tomorrow.” On top of that, Waldo is sponsored by Soundcloud and is frequently seen on the homepage of their website.

On January 16th, 2015 Waldo released the highly anticipated visuals to the song “Search.” This video was directed by fellow AGO member and co-founder, The Seventh and shot / edited by Orange Cap. The track was also produced by one of their in-house producers, Mozaic. Mozaic really killed this track, the production sends shivers down my spine every time this pops up in my que. This piece is a great example of execution on every level of the collaboration. Search was going to off Waldo’s EP, Summer Child but unfortunately, Waldo decided not to release it. However, Waldo has been teasing us on social media with the title of his next project, Onto Better Things with a 2016 release date.

The entire video is shot in black and white with tremendous editing. The transitions are executed flawlessly. The tone to this video is very trippy and abstract, with constant reality warps. It’s a very dark video that would remind one of a militant. Prior to this video, Waldo had kept a very low profile, he had joked about laying low like Osama (hence the beard.) This video compensates the confident flows of Waldo. As far as cameos go, this video is loaded with fellow AGO members. On the rooftop, he can be seen with DJ Nard (his own DJ), Arturo (stylist), and The Seventh.

Having met Waldo for myself, he is definitely an artist that Audio Kitchen is always keeping our eye on. If you met Waldo on the street, you would never think he is one of most prominent rappers in the West Michigan area, the man oozes charm and charisma. He is one of the most humble people I’ve met with an even greater work ethic. With his debut album coming this year, we believe he has the potential to make XXL’s Freshman List 2016. This year is going to be the beginning of Waldo season.

If you vibed with this track, be sure to check out Waldo and AGO on social media.

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/waldoago
Twitter: https://www.youtube.com/user/waldodadon
YouTube: https://www.facebook.com/waldoago
Bandcamp: http://agomusic.bandcamp.com/


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