Skizzy Mars : I’m Ready (Official Music Video)

On March 11. 2016 Skizzy Mars debuted his official music video for “Im Ready” featuring Olivver the Kid produced by none other than Michael Keenan.  This previously unreleased track is fresh off Skizzy Mars debut album “Alone Together.”  The music video was filmed on the rooftops of NYC and directed by Daniel Regan.  The album dropped April 11th and has been on repeat ever since.  Having spent some time in NYC, this video really nails the New York Fuckin’ City vibe!

To anyone who hasn’t hear a Skizzy Mars song before, this is a great introduction to his library of music.  Skizzy and Olivver have collaborated before, on the track Time with G Eazy from “The Red Balloon Project.”  Their sounds flow perfectly together creating the perfect mood to vibe with some honeys.  I am praying for an entire collaboration project between them.  You can dance to this album in the club and stumble home to this album.  If you’ve ever been in love or had your broken (probably the latter) then there is no way you can’t relate to this.  If you don’t think about the girl that got away after this track, you’re missing your heart.

Alone Together is the harlem rapper’s first album.  This album encompasses all Skizzy Mar’s misadventures and heartbreaks into one catcy and melodic project.  Skizzy Mars can seamlessly switch from rapping to singing which is a great bonus when listening to it with the honeys.  This album tells a story of a lonely stoner looking for love while also avoiding in none other than New York City.

I have been a huge fan of Skizzy Mars since a friend recommended me “Douchebag” way back in 2012.  That song caught my attention immediately, creating a fan for life.  I even had the opportunity to see him in Lansing last spring.  It was his first headling tour in his career.  He has come a long way from “being G Eazy’s lil bro.”  Every single project Skizzy releases has gotten better and better.  He has really found a unique sound that no one can replicate.

This is only Skizzy Mars third video, Skiz has mentioned in previous songs how he feels about videos.
“I wanted people to hear me, way before they saw me.”
I find it interesting that an artist that has been around so long has so few videos.

Skizzy Mars is a great example of an independent artist making waves without a label.  With over 240,000 Soundcloud followers and 171,000 Twitter followers it’s obvious he’s got mad support.  Skizzy learned to use social media to gain momentum and fans rather than signing to a major label.  He’s been racking up a million views in less than 24 hours for the past year.  Seeing as he has his own label, Penthouse Music (PHM) the sky is the limit and there is no limit on his creativity.  Skizzy Mars believes that he has the potential to change the music industry and I have to say that he might just be that man.



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