Chance the Rapper : Angels (Official Music Video)


Chance the Rapper is one of the biggest rappers on the planet without an album or support from a major label.  I have always joked that Chance the Rapper is the superhero that Chicago needs, and after the Angels video my dream, came true.  In the video, Chance the Rapper is literally flying through the windy city.  This song was a collaboration among Chance and The Social Experiment and directed by Austin Vesely.  

If you know a lot about Chance the Rapper and his extracurricular activities, then you know how true the song title “angel” is.  Besides being a rapper, Chance has done more philanthropic acts for Chicago than people would think from a rapper.  Chance is more than just a musician, he is an activist that genuinely wants to improve the lives of people in Chicago.

“I got my city doing front flips,
When every father, mayor, rapper jump ship
I guess that’s why they call it where I stay
Clean up the streets so my daughter can have place to play.”

Chance started #SaveChicago in an effort to curve the constant violence in the city.  The campaign resulted in 42 hours without a gun related murder which really says something about Chicago.  In addition, Chance raised $100,000 to help improve technology in Chicago’s public schools.  I feel as though this song and video really embodies everything Chance has worked towards.  There are a lot of Chicago rappers that leave the city the minute they get a check but no Chance.  Chance is one of the most genuine and lovable rappers in the music industry today.  In fact, calling him a rapper is discrediting him, he is an artist with a vision and a plan to make this a better planet.

With Chicago’s staggering violence rate and poor conditions, Chance is a real outlier.  He constantly preaches positivity rather than promote violence like most of the music from the south side.  

My favorite scenes of the video where Chance rides on top of the Chicago Transit Authority train.  It was like Chicago gave Chance the key to the city for the music video.  My second favorite scene was the ending with the choreographed dancing between him and Saba.  Hip hop has become so dry lately, it is great to see actual dancing in videos rather than whole crew too intoxicated to move.  Chance the Rapper is a force to be reckoned with, and I believe he will accomplish a lot in his lifetime in both music and philanthropy.



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